It is my intention to lead and inspire readers and viewers into doing more with less whilst creating amazing customer and citizen experiences.

To that end, I am developing a Vlog channel to (hopefully) keep the conversation going in an entertaining fashion.

Take a peek at my You Tube channel here:

Episode 1:  Why a CX Vlog? (3 mins) 7th Feb 2018

Episode 2: The DNA of a Customer Experience (4 mins)  13th Feb 2018

Episode 3: A Caribbean Customer Experience (1 min) 20th February 2018

Episode 4: CX in B2B (5 mins) 6th April 2018

Episode 5: Good and Bad CX in Government (5 mins) 11th April 2018

Disclaimer: The views expressed within the Vlogs are entirely my own and may not represent the views of current or past employers, customers or clients.