Queensland Hotel Quarantine. Our “Customer” experience

Queensland, Australia has managed to remain pretty much free of Covid-19 through the strict enforcement of quarantine for returning citizens. What was it like? Here is our story

In the spirit of storytelling, here is a 5 minute story of our 2 weeks in mandatory hotel quarantine. Thus may not be everyone’s experience but it was ours. The sooner that we can trust technology to enable self isolation, the better.

2020- The Year when CRM tackled Covid-19

No-one will forget 2020 in a hurry. It has been a year when Covid-19 has affected pretty much everyone on the planet in some way, whether physically, financially or emotionally.

As a CRM specialist, I have noticed a distinct change in the way that organisations are interacting with citizens, customers and employees. Generally, the message has evolved to demonstrate the need to care.

As the old saying goes: “People don’t care how much you know unless they know how much you care”.

There have been magnificent outpourings of support for those negatively impacted. From Pay It Forward boards in cafe’s to organisations now enabling home working by default. Governments have had to carry the burden of financial support for businesses and individuals like never before. What many may not realise is that CRM is often at the heart of these new strategies and is facilitating a new way of thinking about the way people, processes and technology can deliver a new paradigm for the future. A paradigm in which life is made easier by helping others, whether that be an employee, citizen, patient, student, job applicant or customer.

In this respect, I think that CRM as a strategy is now enabling wellbeing. I have several examples of this.

  • Enabling citizens to have a voice or say in proposed strategies
  • Enabling patients, parents or employees to anonymously raise concerns and instigate reviews
  • Enabling governments to continue to provide quality services despite lockdown
  • Enabling people to seek advice and guidance in channels of their choice
  • Enabling Workforce Health and Safety best practices
  • Enabling travellers to safely self isolate rather than go in hotel quarantine

These use cases are far removed from the traditional view of CRM being about transactional led Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Instead it is testimony to an ability to adapt and configure technology and processes to reflect this Covid inspired need for helping others and enabling wellbeing.

It is one consolation from a terrible year.

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