50 Hot Tips…a treat for CX day

To deliver an exceptional and memorable customer experience is not rocket science. It is mainly common sense but then again, common sense ain’t so common. Therefore I find the research based pragmatism of Bruce Temkin very rewarding.
As a treat for Customer Experience day, here is a link to his Top 50 tips for delivering outstanding customer experiences.
Top 50 Customer Experience tips

Customer Experience Day

It’s the 1st October 2013 and it’s officially Customer Experience Day.
It is the first one and it would be nice to think that the creation of a special “day” might awaken many organisations to the philosophies and many benefits of becoming a truly customer oriented organisation.
I will be looking out for ways that Australia has “embraced” the concept of a day to celebrate.
We get a Public Holiday over here for a Horse Race so I’m ever hopeful that this thing might catch on big time!
In the meantime, here is the link to a ton of resources about the day and may this be the start of CX as a true business practice.
CX Day