One for the CRM Hall Of Shame….


By Chris Bucholtz

Last week, I wrote an article for CRM Buyer that said, essentially, this: you can’t control what your customer does, what he says, where he says it or who he says it to, but you can control the experiences he has with your company. If you do that right, everything else ought to take care of itself.

By “customer experience,” I don’t mean the marketing-generated jargon variant of the term that’s thrown about loosely as a way to sell technology. I mean customer experience, with no quotation marks – the common-sense definition that explains it as the cumulative experience that a customer has while in contact with your company, your services and your products.

You can’t control every aspect of the customer’s experience, because he or she brings something of himself into the interaction. If the customer’s dog died that morning, nothing you do might give him…

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Author: Nick Davey

Evangelist, Strategist, Leader, Implementor, Author, Speaker and all round nice guy, Nick has built his entire career on improving the management of customers both from a customers perspective "looking in" and from within an organisation "looking out". You might call it Improving the Customer Experience. Many call it CRM aka Customer Relationship Management or, as Nick often says, Constantly Realigning Misconceptions. Nick reiterates that his comments are his own personal comments and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, strategy or views of any previous employer or customer.. He is delighted to be impartial and able to share ideas with open minded and collaborative professionals around the world. Outside of his passion for CRM, Nick pursues other less demanding passions and interests whilst watching as much Sport as his long suffering wife will permit.

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