CRM in Brisbane

A snapshot of CRM in flood stricken Brisbane. A real life example.

Being based in Brisbane, I have been personally affected by the devastating floods that have caused us so much heartache and suffering.
At a time like this, I reflect that I am lucky to have so much and have remained safe whilst others have lost loved ones, priceless possessions and their homes.
The company I now work for is on the journey to becoming truly Customer Centric. I am proud to be helping them on that journey. This was brought home to me during this crisis by the extreme efforts and sacrifices made by some of our team to keep providing “business as usual” service to our customers despite the office being evacuated and being in “Disaster Recovery” mode. We found our customers to be sympathetic but surprised at us going to extra lengths despite our own hardships.
I’m therefore very proud of the spirit and attitude shown by my Technology One colleagues but it does reinforce that becoming Customer Centric does not just mean buying CRM software or adding a few lines to a Mission Statement saying “We put our customers first”. It means behaving and developing an attitude or mindset whereby Customers really are your primary consideration. Things are considered from a customers viewpoint rather than from an internalised view. Whilst I realise that our company is on a journey and still has a way to go, how people behave in a crisis is a good measure or yardstick of where we are. I believe we have come a long way.
Finally, the overall feeling I have is one of pride in my fellow Queenslanders who have shown true grit and resolve throughout this ordeal. I only hope that anyone reading this blog does not have to endure the misery being experienced across an area the size of Texas.
Appreciate what you have and reward those who go the extra mile with your loyalty.
Please help the Queensland Flood Relief Fund. Thank you.

Author: Nick Davey

Evangelist, Strategist, Leader, Implementor, Author, Speaker and all round nice guy, Nick has built his entire career on improving the management of customers both from a customers perspective "looking in" and from within an organisation "looking out". You might call it Improving the Customer Experience. Many call it CRM aka Customer Relationship Management or, as Nick often says, Constantly Realigning Misconceptions. Nick reiterates that his comments are his own personal comments and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, strategy or views of any previous employer or customer.. He is delighted to be impartial and able to share ideas with open minded and collaborative professionals around the world. Outside of his passion for CRM, Nick pursues other less demanding passions and interests whilst watching as much Sport as his long suffering wife will permit.

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